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Junten Student Interviwed Harvard Book Prize Winner
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Junten Student Interviwed Harvard Book Prize Winner

The Harvard University Alumni Association presents books to outstanding high school sophomores who are internationally minded at the Harvard Price Book. This year, the presentation ceremony and speeches at the end of the third semester have been cancelled due to the coronavirus. As reported in the article, the school principal presented two books to the students instead.(Here is the article.

The winner, Yoshino Kaneuchi, contacted Rachal Leng, a Harvard alumnus who has been the recipient of the prize book for the past few years, and we are pleased to announce that we have now met online as well!。

Rachel Lengさんと金内さんがオンラインで会談

Ms. Rachel Leng is a former Miss Singapore. She lives in Japan and is very active in sharing information with the public.(Rachal Leng’ Blog

This is Ms.Kaneuchi’s report on her interview with Ms.Leng.

” I asked her why she left her home country to work in Japan and Korea, and I found out that Rachel is a person who values “challenges” very much. She also said that in order to solve social problems and change the world for the better, it is essential for everyone to have the mindset that they can do something and that they can change the world for the better. Rachel said, “When you take an action, the more influence it has, the different it is from the people around you, the more blame and vilification you will get. But if you want to change the world, you have to believe in yourself and keep running. I was very impressed by these words.

Rachal also talked about the issues that he is currently concerned about, such as the worsening of the division of people due to the development of digital devices, violence, and the labeling of people based on their nationality, culture, religion, and values, and stressed the importance of human connections and communication.

We also discussed other social issues such as environmental issues and the riots associated with the BLM movement in the United States, and he gave us advice on our future activities.

During the 45 minutes of the discussion, Rachel’s words “Believe in yourself” and “Be brave” were repeated many times, which reminded me of the importance of not being afraid of failure and challenging yourself.”


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