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The 2nd Junten Study Abroad Orientaion
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The 2nd Junten Study Abroad Orientaion

In the summer of 2020, all the 2nd year senior high school students participate in 6 courses of the overseas training program. The program aims to conduct field surveys research that is related to the issues the study areas they have selected. On February 8, the first practical pre-training on post-meeting research was held in each classroom.

Here is the descriptions of each course. 

Takanashi, a staff member of CFF gave an explanation about the Philippines course, which was a former SGH fieldwork up until last year. The students planed on activities that can be executed in the Philippines and talked about a tentative schedule.

In the Brisbane training program, students will participate in local science classes at Cavendish Road SHS. The students will use an Australian textbook and take a class in English.

In the Thai course, each student writes down the social issues that he or she wants to study. They wrote down a lot of keywords that they can think of, and they choose each theme by listening to everyone’s opinions.

In the New Zealand course, students make presentations that they show at the exchange schools. The results of preliminary research on New Zealand will be incorporated, but a broader perspective, such as comparison with Japan, is required.

In the Canada course, students fill in the application form (Application Form) sent from Canada. Of course, the application form is in English. The language training starts from the place where they apply.

The Sydney course allows students to observe nature such as Australian animals and plants, but the activities they can do there are limited due to the short schedule. They will ask their teacher in charge to check if the research theme they are thinking of can be linked to the local activities. .

Pre-training will be held for three consecutive weeks every Saturday from this week.


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