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The 1st Research Debriefing Session Held
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The 1st Research Debriefing Session Held

The 1st Research Debriefing Session was held on February 14. This debriefing session was held as a SGH activity reporting session until last year.  From this time on, we have decided to have as many students as possible present the results of research activities that have become popular among all students during the SGH designation period (2014 to 2019 years).

In addition to SGH’s ongoing research on issues related to study tours (6 cases) and Philippine social issues (6 cases), there were a wide range of presentations, including school curricula such as English exploration, science and mathematics exploration, club activities such as Thesis Design, Science and International Studies, as well as research presentations on overseas students and loans. In addition, not only high school students who were SGH candidates in the past 1-2 years but also middle school students (4 oral presentations and 13 poster presentations) participated in the presentation. In addition, students (12 projects 20 participants) from a science seminar at nearby Ikubunkan Global High School also participated.

At JM Hall, the venue for international poster presentations, there were many visitors, so at first visitors sat on the floor and listened to the presentations.

Oral Presentations took place on the 4th floor.

The OR code of the link to the assessment GoogleForm was indicated in the classrooms, so visitors could easily get the link.

The science students of the middle school gave their poster presentation at the 3rd floor of Riken-kan.

At the basement,  presentations of scientific research focusing on science and mathematics took place.

This is an experiment to identify where we should improvement for the future. In the first place, we asked the students to make presentations, but we didn’t even know how many applications there would be. We expected a small club with more than a dozen presentations. In November last year, more than 100 themes were collected, far exceeding expectations.


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