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The 2nd Year Senior High School Students Visited Singapore
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The 2nd Year Senior High School Students Visited Singapore

Twenty-three students from the 3rd year of senior high school (science class) participated in Global Link Singapore 
2019 (middle and high school international contest event) and presented their research. This tournament was 
held in Singapore and was a very large research presentation where 313 junior and senior high 
school students from 61 schools from Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong and China participated.

And since the language is English, everything from the poster creation to the announcement was made using 
English, and this year Junten students didn't win, but they said they had a very fulfilling experience. Participating 
students presented their research project with great confidence. 

Since the Junten students traveled far away from Japan, they added the activities such as "NTU (Nanyo University of 
Science and Technology) 3D Print Institute Tour", "Marina Barrage Tour", "Night Safari",  "Interaction with Local 
Students through Kaplan Program" , "Science Center DNA Experiment" and "Vertical Farm Visit". The students also 
experienced homestay. On the final day, students visited Sentosa Island, and  they had a great time. 

During the trip, students presented their ideas in a logical manner. They gained the ability to 
plan, execute assignment research, communicate in English. They also improved the design 
skills required for poster presentations, summarization, persuasion and the analytical skills. There are many other 
qualities and abilities gained from this study. Please come to the school festival to see their research presentations.