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Fukunowa Project in Ocahoko Sai Sai 2019
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Fukunowa Project in Ocahoko Sai Sai 2019

On Saturday June 8th and 9th, Junten students volunteered at the ”Ochanoko Sai Sai Festival” that was held at Kitanogawa City Hall.

“Ochanoko Sai Sai Festival” is organized by Kitaku Social Welfare Council. The festival is a great opportunity to built a local connection, meet people and network so groups, corporations, retailers, organizations and individuals participate.

A 2nd Year Junten Senior High School student, Ms. Aoki, set a booth called “Fukunowa Project”. The project was started by Sankei Newspaper and it is an opportunity to sell used clothes or goods to recycle stores and donate the proceed to the Tokyo Paralympic Games.


Last year, Ms.Aoki learned that the recycling rate of clothes is low, so she decided to have a Fukunowa booth at the festival. She thought it is a great idea to recycle clothes and help the Tokyo Paralympic Games. When Ms.Aoki shared her plan with the SocialSocial Welfare Council, they happily prepared a both for her at the Festival. 

 For the booth, Junten student joined to help and volunteered at the stamp rally and food drive. Junten was able to collect 
9 boxes of used clothes for 9 carton boxes. 

This year, students will have a booth at the Junten’s cultural festival “Fukunowa Box”. 

(写真上:おちゃのこ祭祭でボランティアの生徒と 写真下:学校で衣類を仕分けする青木さん)