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1st Year Student Workshop: “A Glimpse to Philippine Culture” Ms.Shieba Magno
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1st Year Student Workshop: “A Glimpse to Philippine Culture” Ms.Shieba Magno

On Saturday May 27th, 1st Year students attended a workshop “A Glimpse to Philippine Culture” by Ms.Shieba Magno. After this workshop, each student will work to decide their research topic. Here is the report about the workshop written by Ms.Magno. The Japanese translation of the article is here. 

SGH Workshop: “A glimpse to Philippine culture”

               Junten High school has carried out another SGH workshop to all first year high school students. On its fourth year, Junten has been cultivating deeper knowledge and sense of awareness on the global society, including one of its neighboring countries, the Philippines.

              As a continuation of the research projects and fieldwork gearing towards the divergence of cultures, high school students were given orientation on the Philippine setting. This year all the seven sections of freshmen have to undergo a workshop scheduled on May 27th and June 3rd. The four sections have already gone through it last Saturday and the remaining classes on the final date. It took place in each classroom where students had engaged more to question and answer portion.

              The workshop started with a Fact-Check Quiz, which basically talked about geography, population, history, language, religion and lifestyle. The students learned about the age structure of the Philippine population where a high number of young people are present, in contrast to the graying population of Japan.  Moreover, 80% of the Filipinos are said to be Catholic and Christmas is considered as the biggest event of the year. Furthermore, a video showcasing the Philippines was shown. A virtual melting pot of races and cultures, archipelago of enchanting islands strung by Mother Nature, the country is endowed with diverse attractions which makes it more than the usual tourist destination. With sparkling beaches, vestiges of glorious past, charming countryside, majestic mountains and warm hospitable people, the Philippines takes pride of its unique characteristics that make them distinct and irresistible.

              However, on the contrary to the positive aspects of the country, the students learned that there a lot of people struggling to get by due to a great gap between the rich and the poor, the cases of homeless children and the lack of educational opportunities. In fact, one in four Filipinos is below poverty line.

              Withal, Filipinos stay optimistic and intact despite challenges in life. Filipinos are also family-oriented that no matter what happen they help each other especially in the midst of crisis. The strength and positive attitudes of Filipinos stem from and are supported by their belief in Christianity.  The workshop concluded with a message encouraging students to understand world cultures, value the importance of cooperation and the sense of equality amongst people.

“We cannot do everything but at least we can do something.”