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SGH Students’ Pre-Departure Visit to Philippine Embassy
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SGH Students’ Pre-Departure Visit to Philippine Embassy

This year, five members of the SGH Philippine Fieldwork Team paid a courtesy visit to the Philippine Embassy at Roppongi, Japan last July 21, 2016 (Thursday). The team is bound to conduct their fieldwork in the Philippines on September. Prior to the said departure, the students were warmly welcomed by some officials in the Embassy, Minister Escalona, Vice Consul Margaret Malang and Ms. Mary Joy Mortel. The meeting started with greetings then students asked some questions related to their chosen field of research such as health education and literacy rate in the Philippines, situation in the agricultural sector, increasing popularity of Moringa, concept of “peace” for Filipinos and the condition of street children in the Philippines.

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              The students prepared several questions in English and the officials answered the students’ query one by one. Subsequently, the meeting ended with officials giving pieces of advice to the students. The Minister expressed her delight and appreciation, in behalf of the Filipinos, for the visit of the Emperor and Empress in the Philippines on January of this year to mark the 60th anniversary of friendship between Japan and the Philippines.

The SGH Philippine Fieldwork Team is planning to go back to the embassy on October for post-departure visit and to report what they learned during the fieldwork. The officials await the next visit of Junten High School students.

Comments from Students:

 I’m glad to visit the embassy before I go to Philippines and I think that I need to get more knowledge about my research. However, right now I feel like our trip to the Philippines is getting closer and I’m excited for that. (Student1)

I’m glad to share a glimpse of my research about education with the ambassadors. Also my image towards the Philippines is becoming clearer and deeper. I thank the officials for their advice. (Student 2)

I’m glad that I came back to the embassy. The Minister was so friendly and I could ask her about land reforms and how the local government helps the farmers. (Student 3)

At first, I was really nervous that I couldn’t speak well but it was good that the excitement I felt in going to the Philippines increases. How I wish I could speak English smoothly when I get back from the fieldwork. (Student 4)

It was great that I was able to ask the things I wanted to inquire today. I became excited when the officials taught us a lot of things about the Philippines. (Student 5)



* Minister Escalona will be ending her term of duty by the end of July. Even if the Minister was busy with pre-departure arrangements, she still attended the meeting and even commended Junten High School’s students research on different topics regarding the Philippines.


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