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Three “Works” of the Research and Development Project


To nurture young global leaders

  • Network: Developing joint research programs with schools overseas
  • Schoolwork: Exploring global issues through integrated workshops at school
  • Fieldwork: Participating in field activities with students overseas

The Junten SGH program has three research and development components: preparatory studies in which Junten students work with students from partner schools overseas, participating in integrated workshops offered at school, and finally doing fieldwork in the Philippines, where English is used in everyday life.

SGH Research Theme Areas


Economic inequality and poverty are among the biggest social problems in the world. We think that we can get to the root of the problem by improving education. Therefore, Junten SGH activities are focusing on education support in the Asia-Pacific region. More specifically, we imagine that our work will take the following forms:

  • Education support activities to raise awareness about the importance of education
  • Education support activities to promote improvement of public hygiene
  • Education support activities regarding natural disasters and environmental conservation

What Junten SGH Students are Expected to Achieve
from 2013 to 2018

  1. Increase the number of students who voluntarily participate in activities that contribute to Japanese society from 50 to 100 students.
  2. Increase the number of students who voluntarily participate in activities that contribute to societies overseas from 20 to 50 students.
  3. Increase the percentage of students who pass the Eiken Level 2 exam by graduation from 35% to 70%.
  4. Increase the number of students who advance their education in international universities outside the Tokyo area or overseas from 5-10 students.
  5. Increase the percentage of students who can come up with solutions to problems facing society through working with high school and university students overseas, NPOs in Japan and overseas, and corporations to over 20%

GLAP(Global Leaders Action Project)

Annual Changes of GLAP
(SGH students will accumulate every year)

E+: E Class (Academically Advanced English Class) students plus students wishing to participate
S+: S Class (Academically Advanced Science Class)students plus students wishing to participate
GLAP: 3-4 groups consisting of other students

Students who are assigned to work on the SGH research are those who are in GLAP(Global Leaders Action Project)classes. GLAP students study in a series of workshops held on Saturdays to prepare themselves for research. Through the “three works”, students acquire the skills and qualities that are necessary to be global leaders in our global society.

*There are 40 GLAP students in the first year of 2014. They are in the first year of high school and currently in the E Class. Each year the number of GLAP students increases.

About Super Global High Schools

Our society is rapidly globalizing. With this in mind, Junten works with high school students to raise their awareness about contemporary issues and helps them improve their communication skills and problem solving abilities so that they develop the sophisticated, cosmopolitan way of thinking that will empower them as tomorrow’s global leaders.
◆Project summary:
High schools that work to nurture students who can identify and solve problems and take initiative as global business leaders have been selected for the Super Global High School (SGH) program. SGH schools work to develop and implement high quality educational curricula with businesses, with international institutions, and with universities in Japan that have worked to globalize their schools.
Period of the Program
:For 5 years from 2014
The SGH Schools
:Public and private high schools and junior high schools, as well as junior-senior high schools that offer an integrated six-year education
SGH Appointed Schools
:56 schools throughout Japan

Super Global High School(SGH)

【Main Activities】
  • Researching, developing, and implementing an educational program that nurtures global leaders by providing them with practical research opportunities
  • Having students engaged in group work, discussions, writing theses, giving presentations, and working on project studies (some these activities will be done in English.)
  • Conducting field work with other high schools and universities (including UNESCO associated schools through Education for Sustainable Development) that is connected to the research topic and going abroad to present research findings.
  • Actively accepting returnee and international students, and working with universities and their international students to set academic workshops.
  • In coordinating with universities, utilizing returnee or foreign scholars who are experts on the research topic.
【University-side coordination efforts】
  • Sending returnee and foreign scholars who are experts on the research topic, as well as university students, to SGH schools
  • Helping high schools plan and organize quality school trips
  • Reforming the university admissions process so that due consideration is given to applicants’ SGH activities
  • Providing special credit university courses for high school students

Emergence of young leaders who have the ability to identify and solve problems facing society and take initiatives in the global business community (international organization staff, entrepreneurs, owners of international companies, politicians, and researchers).

New Plans for Rikenkan, an Educational Facility for the 21st Century

As one of our 180th anniversary projects, Junten is planning on building a new facility, “Rikenkan”. Rikenkan is named after Riken Fukuda, the founder of Junten, and the facility will be constructed under the schoolyard of the Oji Campus. At present, Rikenkan is scheduled to be completed in 2016.

理軒館01 理軒館02

With its Science Lab + and Learning Commons space, Rikenkan will provide an excellent collaborative learning environment.
~Rikenkan is a facility for scientific experiments, group work, and workshops~


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