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SGH(Super Global High School)

Research Initiative to Nurture Young Global Leaders

- Practical Research for Educational Support Project in Asian Pacific -

Junten Senior High School Education Overview

Educational Objective

“Nurture Knowledgeable Young Global Leaders”

Educational Policies

  1. Opportunity for Higher Education:
    Embrace individuality in the different courses and help students to achieve a variety of high-level academic goals.
  2. Global Education:
    Provide practical experience through English education and a variety of international cultural exchanges.
  3. Service Learning Education:
    Foster active participation in a variety of volunteer activities in various fields.

Junten has offered many kinds of global education, but by developing a global research curriculum that organically integrates all of them, we can offer our students a richer educational experience.

SGH Research Areas

  1. Network: Development of Joint Research Programs
    Work with partner schools overseas to develop materials in English that deal with global issues.
  2. Schoolwork: Development of Integrated Research Programs
    Explore global issues through integrated workshops in school using English materials.
  3. Fieldwork: Development of Productive Research Programs
    Participate in field activities with students overseas to explore solutions to global issues.

Fieldwork is educational support activity, working together with students overseas using English.

Training to Develop Qualities Needed for Global Leaders

  1. Productive Academic Skills
  2. Global Communication Skills
  3. Interpersonal Skills

IB Learner Profile

Junten’s SGH program originated from the “Junten Study Abroad” program


In 1964, the year the Tokyo Olympic Games were held, the Japanese government removed the restriction on overseas traveling for Japanese, and people started freely travelling abroad. Junten immediately responded, and in the same year, Junten started providing students with financial support to go overseas to see and learn about the world. These students’ experiences are recorded in Junten’s The World Through The Eyes of Young People.
This Junten Study Aboard program forms the basis of the SGH program, and has been the foundation of the school’s “Nurture Knowledgeable Young Global Leaders” motto since 2000. In addition, Junten takes gap year student volunteers from the UK, and has developed a variety of international educational activities that are connected to the SGH program.


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