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Returnee Student Application Guideline


2017 / Junten Junior High School / Foreign Returnee Student Application Guideline

①Exam Classification Examination Group No.1 Examination Group No.2
②Recruiting Number ※Availability limited
③Qualification Returnees who fall into all 3 of the following conditions
(1)Returnees who have lived more than a year of overseas and less than 3 years since returned
(2)Returnees who have learned a certain degree of English through their overseas life
(3)Returnees who have the equivalent to a Japanese Elementary School or a Foreign School graduate academic level
④Term of Application

From Thursday, November 24th
to Friday, December 2nd 2016

From Monday, January 23rd
to Saturday, January 28th 2017
  ※Admission Office is open from 9:00 to 15:00 on weekdays, from 9:00 to 12:00 on Saturdays. Sundays and Holidays are not available.
⑤Examination Dates Sunday, December 4th 2016
※8:40 at Oji Campus
Saturday, February 4th 2017
※14:40 at Oji Campus
⑥Announcement of Application Results Sunday, December 4th 2016
※After 15:00 via telephone

Monday, February 6th 2017
※From 9:00 to 9:30 at Oji Campus
※The result will be posted on the homepage after February 4th (21:00~)

⑦Enrollment Formalities Wednesday, December 14th 2016
※From 10:00 to 11:00
at Oji Campus
Monday, February 6th 2017
※From 10:00 to 12:00
at Oji Campus
⑧Application Materials ※Admission Application Form 
※Copy of The Official Academic Transcript
※Exam Application for an Oversea Returnee Student (School Prescribed) All of the above must be turned into the Administration Office
⑨Examination Subjects Mathematics / English
/ Essay / Oral Interview
(Including English listening
ability check)
English / Mathematics
/ Oral Interview
(Including English listening
ability check)
※The English level of Exam Group #1 is nearly equal to the level of the pre-level 2 English Language Proficiency test / The English level of Exam Group #2 is nearly equal to the level of the level 3 English Language Proficiency test
⑩Entrance Examination Fee 25,000 Yen
※Returnee student’s entrance exam fee will be needed for each Group, #1 and #2 respectively. Also, general entrance exam will cost separately too.
※Please use the Exam Fee Payment Slip attached to the Application Form for payment. Then, turn in the slip with the application form to administration.
※Everything except for the above listed notes is the same with general student application.
※Please make inquiries for anything unclear.

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