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Our Educational Mission

Creating Young Global Leaders

To cultivate quality and academic ability that will make dreams come true. The Junten educational process makes it possible for students to visualize their future, and to find their future directions, and to identify the objectives.

Academic Standards

1. We value true academic integrity and curiosity.


True academic ability extends beyond the skills traditionally required to attend prestigious universities. Junten fosters unique academic qualities that top universities and the global community truly look for in young global leaders, including creative thinking, public speaking, and problem solving skills.

2. We value the individual and the global community.

Junten is focused on empowering students to develop and nurture their individual personalities. Junten then links these student leaders to the global community so they can evaluate and implement innovative ideas, creating a new generation of humanitarians.

Greetings from the School Principal

School Principal

Junten Gakuen was established in 1834, with the spirit of “Junten Kyuugou,” natural truthfulness, in mind. Junten was founded as a private mathematics school, reformed into a boys Junior High school in the Meiji period, became a girls Senior High school under the new post-war system, and then in 1990, adopted the modern six-year junior and senior integrated high school format.

Currently, Junten Junior and Senior High School is focused on its goal of “creating knowledgeable global leaders”, and is implementing various educational activities for students to understand the value of a global education. The success of these challenges can be seen in Junten graduates’ academic and career achievements.

At Junten, we value personality development. We emphasize two pivotal developmental stages. During the Junior High stage, we nourish the students’ “independence,” and in the Senior High stage, we establish “identity.” In addition, in Junior High School, we feature categorized studies based upon the student’s preferences. In Senior High School, we expand on those preferences, broadening the students’ academic skills in order to achieve advanced goals, such as attending prestigious universities in Japan and abroad.


School History

We have published our school history which originated in 1834 when Juntend- Juku was first established.
The history up to the end of World War II that was written in the serialized essay for over 7 years on The Sunday Times has been restructured for the web site.

Juntendo Juku of MinamiHoncho, Osaka
(around 1834)

旧制順天中学校 東京神田猿楽町
Old-education-system Junten junior high school/
Kanda Sarugakucho, Tokyo (around 1919)

旧制順天中学校 東京神田三崎町
Old-education-system Junten junior high school/
Kanda Misakicho, Tokyo (1929)

Junten junior and senior high school
(Shinden campus) /
Shinden, Adachi-Ku, Tokyo (1985)

1834 Mathematician Riken Fukuda established Juntendo Juku in Osaka, Japan.
1871 Relocated to Kanda Sarugakucho,
Tokyo, and renamed to Junten Kyuugousha.
1894 Established Jinjou Junior High school Junten Kyuugousha.
1899 Renamed to Junten Kyuugousha Junior High school.
1900 Renamed to Junten Junior High school.
1913 The school building was burned down by the great fire of Kanda. The building was reconstructed.
1923 The school building was burned down due to the Great Kanto earthquake.
1928 Relocated to Kanda Misakicho and school building was newly-built.
1945 The school building was burned out by the Great Tokyo Air Raids.
1948 Became Junten Senior High School / Junten Junior High School
due to the educational system reform.
1953 Relocated to Oji, Kita-Ku.
1962 Junten Senior High School became a girl’s school.
1985 The school field was relocated to Shinden, Adachi-Ku
and the gymnasium and other facilities were constructed.
1990 Junten Senior High School became coeducational.
1995 Junten Junior High School was established.
2005 The new school building was opened.


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