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Advanced College Prep Class


Advanced College Prep Class

Improve yourself with clear goals in mind.

Advanced College Prep Class has a curriculum targeted to national universities such as Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and Tokyo Gakugei University while also aiming for top ranking private universities such as MARCH (Meiji, Aoyama, Rikkyo, Chuo and Hosei) schools. The core subjects such as English, Mathematics and Japanese are systemically studied. We have various stages so that students can check their understanding step by step and structurally learn.  From the 2nd year, selective subjects, according to humanities courses and the science courses, are added. In the 3rd year, we further divided courses either national universities or private universities so the students can choose their curriculum in their needed directions.
Recently, not only national universities but also many top ranking private universities use the National Center Test for University Admissions as their primal examination. The curriculum of this Advanced College Prep Class will cover nearly 80% of the studies needed for the Center Test by the end of the 2nd year.
Also, there are many satellite courses during after-school hours and long term vacations which cover the 5 subjects and short essays and art activities so that all studies needed for entrance exam preparation can be done in school with a full supportive system.


Regarding the Systemic Study

The 3 core subjects; English, Mathematics and Japanese will be studied step by step in a systemic manner by the unique syllabus as follows.

1.The education process will be designed spirally for higher-development by repeating the form of starting at the basics and moving up to applied studies. Also, each subject will be studied in a unique way of which subject structures are reflected.
2.Mini-exams will be performed frequently under the intention to well-establish the educational content. Retests are mandatory when the students don’t score a passing point.
3.For certain subjects, small-group studies divided by their learning level are oriented for further intensiveness.

Regarding Changing the Type of Class

Occasionally, when proceeding into the 2nd year, under the consideration of class members and personal study conditions, also in regard of their prospective, we allow to change the Type of Class.


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