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Academically-Advanced English Class

Academically-Advanced English Class (E-Class)

In order to respond to today’s rapidly expanding globalization, university education and the Japanese society are greatly changing. In order to further sophisticate our English Type of Classes that have a 25-year-experience, we have reformed them into Academically-Advanced English Class (E-Class) so that it will be compatibility with our S-Class. This enables the students to expand their choices in further university education.

1.Enhancement in English-language environment

In order to increase more opportunities in which students use English, we currently have 5 full-time native English-speaking instructors. In the ELC (English Learning Center) room, students are allowed to communicate only in English, and international exchange activities are taken place at the Seminar House.

2.Cultivating International Communication Skills

English Debate courses and English Critical Thinking courses are taught by English native speakers in order to cultivate international communication skills and prepare for university level English courses.

3.Intensive English

Prior to the 3 week long school trip to Canada, the English language training and other activities are provided. Also, we support a1-year-long study abroad program.

4.Overseas English Training/Studying abroad

We will hold scientific field work sessions and American university visits during our oversea school trip such as to Yellowstone, USA. The students will make presentations in English.

5.Unit Compatibility with the E-class (English class) Courses

The high level English courses of the English selected type of E-class (English class) can be taken by the Unit Compatibility System in order to prompt the student’s English skills.

Academically-Advanced English Class

Achieve the academic goal that can further enhancing
your English abilities, and try for the real stage where you can make
the most of your English talent.

This is a class specialized in preparing for Language Majors or International Studies Majors in national and public universities such as Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, prestigious private universities such as Waseda University, Sophia University, ICU and Rikkyo University, or else, top ranking foreign universities such as in the universities in the United States. 30 units, which is one third of all class units taken in the 3 years of high school, are related to English. In English conversation classes, we divide the classes in half, and have English native instructors to provide small number intensive lessons to most surely enhance each and every student’s conversation skills. We emphasize in the STEP studies, so that all graduating students will at least be able to pass pre-level 1 STEP exam. At the same time, for more practical English skills, we study foreign cultures and incorporate “Foreign Contexts” and “English Affairs” into our curriculum and cultivate international wits and unified English abilities.  
In addition, in response to growing demands in going to foreign universities, we have started the “TOEIC / TOEFL course” which are divided into 3 courses in order meet the student different levels. This has been successful in achieving high scores in the TOEIC and TOEFL exams. Also, we have satellite courses and extra curriculums during after-school hours and long term vacations so that each student can prepare well for the entrance examinations for top ranking private universities.


Intensive English Courses for Returnee Students

In the area of Oral Communication, aside from the general students, we will hold specialized Intensive English courses. This is intended to improve practical English abilities, and research skills and information outputting skills.
Today, we have more than 70 returnee students and about half of them are in Academically-Advanced English Class. For the returnees, studying with other students helps them maintain and further improve their already-high English skills.


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