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Academically-Advanced Class

The newly-established Academically-Advanced Science Class (Science class)

The Education Ministry’s new guidelines have a strong emphasis on math and science education. Junten’s originally started with the focus on science. “Science” covers many natural science fields, including the study of medicine. Junten is establishing a new science class which is not only limited for top ranking university preparation purposes but also intends to achieve the international standard of science studies.

1.Courses on Scientific Experiments

We will hold a scientific experiment course once a month. This will introduce students to the attraction and depth of natural science and will cultivate science oriented minds.

2.Courses on Advanced Science

We will provide a lecture by a researcher in the advanced science field such as medicine once a term in order to widen the student’s vision towards math and science.

3.Science Immersion Program

We will hold a scientific course taught in English during the winter break for the 1st and 2nd year students. This course will be taught by foreign graduate students, such as from University of Tokyo Graduate School, in English which will prompt the scientific learning skills in English.

4.Science Camp Overseas

We will hold scientific field work sessions and American university visits during our oversea school trip such as to Yellowstone, USA. The students will make a presentation in English.

5.Unit Compatibility with the E-class (English class) Courses

The high level English courses of the English selected type called E-class (English class) can be taken by the Unit Compatibility System in order to prompt the student’s English skills.

Academically-Advanced Classes

Improve yourself with clear goals in mind!

Academically-Advanced Classes offer the Curriculum which focuses on going to the top ranking national universities such as the University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Hitotsubashi University as well as top ranking private universities such as Waseda, Keio and Sophia. In the 1st year we emphasize on learning the basic subjects efficiently. In the 2nd year we start the elective course options for Liberal Arts emphasis and Math and Science emphasis. In the 3rd and final year we expand in the elective courses, and students can choose either the national university course or the private university course.
Also, for the students who show very high academic ability in the core academic subjects Japanese, Mathematics and English, we extract them from the courses and provide them with even higher educational guidance.
Classes will be taught using a bi-directional syllabus (“class objective” and “goals / evaluations / agendas” will be clarified) and will provide a perfect learning content with voluntary learning attitudes.
In addition, starting from the 1st year, we will apply morning exercise studies every day in order to establish the habit. During the long term vacations, we will hold compulsory courses to proceed the class learning in order to complete almost all of the high school mandatory educational content by the end of the 2nd year. Starting from the 2nd year, we will have free-selective extra curriculum during after-school hours in order to get used to university entrance examinations. Students can prepare and check their distances from their goals.
In the 3rd year, we will have extra curriculum offered in the after-school hours and be available to respond all student’s needs by also providing on-school study camps. We are ready to support all needs for highly advanced academic objectives.


About the Extra Curriculums

Junten provides various types of extra curriculums for all students in any Type of Classes. From the 1st year we will have a satellite course (a video learning system) of “Kawai Juku” during the school’s long term vacations. In addition, this satellite course can be taken any number of times needed in our “individual study rooms” during the after-school hours. In the 1st year, English, Mathematics, and Classic Japanese are available. From the 2nd year and on, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and other preparations for the National Center Test for University Admissions.
The extra curriculums from the 2nd year will be oriented by our own school teachers, external instructors who are very familiar with University entrance examinations, and our graduates who have proceeded to top rank Universities. In the 2nd year, the extra curriculum courses will be 90 minutes long, and in the 3rd year they will be 180 minutes long followed by further practice session so that students can study as much as they need.
We will have over 30 days of extra curriculum during the school’s long term vacation periods so that there is no need for the students to attend any type of external cram-schools.


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