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Unified education system to build academic ability

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We offer students a six-year integrated junior high school and senior high school education to broaden and strengthen their learning abilities. Our unique syllabus combines the merits of an academically rigorous six-year education with alternative learning methods that enhance the students’ critical thinking skills. This curriculum allows the students to improve their current academic interests, while simultaneously motivating them to achieve their future goals.

The three core subjects: English, Mathematics, and Japanese, require more than 700 hours of class time, a significantly higher course load than that of the public junior high schools.

The Junten six-year syllabus does not only focus on achieving high academic standards, but also strives to widen the students’ perspectives through engaging educational activities. By encouraging students to have an open mind, Junten creates students with high expectations for their futures. Junten students must reflect on their ideal futures, recognize their motivations for these futures, and then select the academic courses that are necessary for them to achieve their goals. Junten stresses this thought process as both Junior and Senior High School are pivotal stepping stones towards the future.

This six year process is divided into three main stages: the fundamentals period, the cultivation period, and the maturity period. The students set goals for each period in order to establish “an actualized self.” These three stages help students reflect on their individual performances and excel at all subject studies required in Junior and Senior High School.

The foundation of Junten Junior High School education is based on the three core subjects.
The increased class hours empower the students and help them achieve their future goals. Junten encourages this intensive level of study for the three core subjects in order to take students step-by-step through the “systematic study” process. For courses in the natural and social sciences, Junten utilizes the “investigative study” method, which encourages students to think using the scientific method. In addition, Junten integrates art and ethics studies into the standard curriculum, promoting cross-disciplinary thought.


Junten requires its students to fully comprehend every aspect of the course work, as knowledge deepens individual insight and intellect. Through this intensive process, Junten creates a new generation of critical thinkers and problem solvers.


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●About activities on Saturdays:
Junten is a 6 days a week school, with 1 Saturday a month to be a study at home day. Other Saturdays are applied to various workshops, physical education and club activities.


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