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フィリピンフィールドワークにおける 課題研究ガイダンス第2回目(CFF石井氏)
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フィリピンフィールドワークにおける 課題研究ガイダンス第2回目(CFF石井氏)


     On July 16 (Saturday), representative from Caring for the Future Foundation (CFF) came to Junten High School for SGH research guidance. At 11:00 A.M., Mr. Ishii had a one-on-one session with the members of the SGH Philippine Fieldwork Team. The students prepared their chosen theme and got some pieces of advice from CFF especially on the content of their research in the Philippines.

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        The session was followed by a mini-workshop where students were tasked to write down their individual perception towards the Philippines. Subsequently, it was followed by a group discussion. Ms. Ayaka Suzuki, a former member of the SGH Philippine Fieldwork Team, also came on that day to share her experience to the next batch of dispatch. The workshop ended with a reflection verbally elicited by the students on that day.

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SGH 課題研究ガイダンスの第2回目