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2019 Junten Christmas Party
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2019 Junten Christmas Party



This year much Xmas Cheer was brought to the E.L.C. as our annual Xmas Party was held on December 18 from 1 – 4 pm. This year’s Xmas tree and new decorations (so deftly put up) created a jolly, magical Christmas atmosphere right here at Junten.


The students slowly arrived after their homeroom meetings were adjourned. We began the party with two classic Xmas films called “The Snowman” and “The Polar Express.” During the movie time, students took a Xmas Quiz and when all their answers were correct, they could receive some special chocolate bars. In fact, these special chocolate bars came from all the way from Niagara Falls, New York. These special treats were contributed to our party by Jackson, our exchange student from Buffalo, N.Y. Thank you, Jack!


For our second activity, we played Draw the Red Nose on Rudolph – Santa’s favorite reindeer. Students were blindfolded by wrapping their scarves around their eyes. They were then spun around three times to make them a little dizzy, then they had to guess and draw Rudolph’s nose on the whiteboard. The top three students who drew his nose closest to the target could get yummy Xmas prizes.


After a short break with refreshments consisting of snacks and drinks, we played Pass the Xmas Parcel. The Xmas Parcel is basically a huge Xmas present wrapped with layers and layers of paper with chocolate gifts between each layer of paper. Students formed a large circle and passed the parcel while listening to Xmas music. When the music stopped the student holding the parcel peeled a layer of paper off and could get a Xmas chocolate. Round and round the Xmas parcel went until we finally reached the grand prize in the middle. An Italian delicacy, a Panettone Xmas Cake.


For our last activity, we played a Xmas themed Kahoot Quiz on the smart board composed of 15 general questions on Xmas. Students were challenged in their knowledge of all things concerning Christmas. In the end, the five winning students were given wondrous Xmas presents from St. Nick. A joyful and heartfelt Christmas was had by all. From the staff in the E.L.C., we wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!