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順天では、イギリスのプロジェクトトラストより毎年、1年間のボランティアスタッフ(ALT)として毎年2名の派遣生を受け入れています。今年はMr.Adam Christopher Walker(アダム)先生とMr. Zack Franco Mangialaio (ザック)先生が新たに順天のスタッフとして加わりました。2人の先生は早速、中学生の朝学習や高校生の授業、保護者対象英会話教室等でネイティブスピーカーとして活躍しています。


Hello my name is Adam and I am from Britain. In Britain I had been studying for my A Levels in History, Chemistry and English Literature, my favorite subject. This is my first time ever coming to Japan and I am enjoying exploring Tokyo and learning about a whole new culture. In Britain I lived In London so I am used to living in a big city, but Tokyo is very different to England, from its amazing food to its shrines and parks. I’m looking forward to working with and getting to know the students and teachers of Junten this year and learning more about Japan in the process.


Hello Junten

My name is Zack Franco Mangialaio, I come from England and live in London. I have just finished my time at college in London and have come to Japan to help teach English at Junten. This is the first time I’ve ever been to Japan, so intend to explore of much of it as possible. I hope to create a good experience for the teachers and the students in the coming year and improve everyone’s English as much as possible.