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順天中学高等学校3号館1階にあるELC(English Learning Centre)では、英語圏の文化を紹介するイベントを毎年行っています。企画を立てるのはSTARSと呼ばれる帰国子女の互助会です。

今年も感染症対策のため、人数を絞り、飲食を伴わないイベントとして開催しました。STARS顧問のBernard Boytim先生が報告します。


Junten Christmas Party 2022

  Lots of people around the world call December 25 “the holy day”. December 15 was also another “holy day” for the Stars members in Junten Jr/Sr High School. We held a Christmas party at the English learning center after the exam’s return day. The party mainly consisted of junior high school students from returnee/advanced classes. We had so many junior high school students and they made this party so exciting.

  We started the party with the film “The Polar Express”. This film is about a boy who no longer believes in Santa Claus, and a magical train going to the North Pole. Through the story, the boy found that the most important thing is to keep believing. Even if someone makes us face reality, nobody can take faith away from us. This film reminded me of my parents’ motto, “Don’t decide anything from only logic.” The spirit of Christmas is living in our hearts.

  Our next event was “Painting Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’s Game”. In this game students had to paint a red nose on the reindeer drawn on the whiteboard with a scarf tied around their eyes. Whoever painted the closest point to the nose would be the winner and get Christmas Chocolates. Because of the scarf, almost nobody could paint well. Someone painted the cheek, mouth, backside…… Each red point made us laugh.

  After that, we had Kahoot quizzes about Christmas. “In Germany and Australia, there is Black Santa giving coals to bad children.” “There is another name to call Santa, Father Christmas.” ……We touched various cultures of Christmas from around the world. Every student enjoyed these quizzes with curious eyes. The winner of the quiz also got Christmas Chocolates.

  We enjoyed the Christmas Party so much! We hope everyone will spend a great Christmas with their families, friends and their loved ones.